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Prepare for your comeback!

Have you experienced a setback in life?

A “setback” is defined as something that happens that delays or prevents your progress. Have you experienced something that delayed or prevented your progress?

Perhaps it was a financial hit - like a reposession or job loss - and it has created chaos for your family. Maybe it was a break-up or a divorce that shattered your heart and upended your life? Perhaps it was an unexpected diagnosis for you, or a loved one, that has thrown you for an emotional loop.

No matter the setback, you can get up from it. It’s hard to know what to do next, how to recover, how to re-build your life. But having an intentional path forward helps tremendously. You can’t change the hits life throws, but you can change how long you stay down. By partnering with God, and adopting some new disciplines, you can co-create your COMEBACK.

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The Masterclass...

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Financial struggles...

Financial struggles are a leading cause for stress. They can lead to setbacks that completely throw you off course. For example, hard-to-manage debt, repossessions, unmet responsibilities - if you allow them to, they can all derail your life, and your faith in God.

Relationship challenges...

Problems in the relationship or marriage can also lead to major setbacks in life. Things like infidelity, infertility, mid-life crises, lack of support in parenting or managing the household can delay your progress and cause daily stress.

Unfavorable diagnosis...

Illness and health challenges can also lead to setbacks, especially when they are sudden and unexpected. Lack of quality care, medical bills, deteriorating health, loss of a loved one - they all take a toll on your body, soul, and mind.

No matter the setback, though, you can get back up from it. In fact, you are fully equipped to overcome - you have been designed to conquer every challenge you encounter here on earth. But, you need the proper mindset, spiritual tools, and practical disciplines to do it.

In this 90-minute, $47 masterclass, hosted via Zoom on October 11th at 4:30MT/6:30PM EST, Certified Life Coach LaVondilyn Watson San Kitts will share with you her Setback-to-Comeback Path™. This path, which includes both spiritual and practical disciplines, will give you the “how to” when starting over after a painful setback. This is the exact same path she teaches her life coaching clients, and the one she personally used to bounce back after 3 painful setbacks in her own life.

LaVondilyn, too, has faced financial struggles, a failed marriage, and a spinal injury that left her almost paralyzed. But, by the grace of God, and very intentional, deep work on her part, she cameback from everything sent to destroy her. And, with a few spiritual tools, and a little direction, you can do the same! You don’t have to stay stuck, or broken, or unhappy, or broke. You don’t have to keep settling for less, or feel abandoned, or hold on to heartache. You are not bound by fear or doubt or insecurity. You can get up. You can choose to start again!

If you are tired of allowing that setback in life to delay your progress in moving forward, enroll in this online masterclass below. Co-create your comeback now!

Client Feedback

Before I would allow my heart to be distracted...

“Before coaching with LaVondilyn, I would allow my heart to be distracted by thoughts of fear, doubt and regret. Now, I have learned that I may apply the Word of God to produce a life of peace, faith, and love… LaVondilyn has mastered the art of utilizing her passion and gifts to empower her clients in discovering their true self…” D.H.

These faith steps are the truth...

“I've never experienced post-partum depression and it is REAL . I tell you, I have never had thoughts of harming myself or others but it took me somewhere else and I lost my entire soul and was begging to come out. Thank you, thank you, thank you. These faith steps are the truth and will be used reverently.” T.N.

My life has totally changed...

“My life has totally changed since the first course I took. Every conversation I have, every friendship, every motive, every relationship in my life has changed completely. Every word that comes from my mouth and every thought I have, all have a different meaning now and my life has purpose !” N.R.




October 11th, 2023

4:30MT / 6:30 EST

Hosted VIA Zoom | $47